Woods for animals and other animated beings

Animate yourself and visit the woods of Cal Talaia

The Woods for Animals and Other Animated Beings is a challenge driven by Ulrich Hake and Teresa Sánchez with no other purpose than to convey joy, which necessarily involves inviting, sharing and enjoying with people. We hope to bring together more pieces of wood that make the woods more interesting than wood.

Art is what makes life more interesting than art
– Robert Filliou

Boys and girls, this is for the big screen… and even better live… get rid of your mobiles and similar shits for a while or longer…

Woods in the bed, bed in the woods

Duchamp in heaven, Marcel earthed…

Bosc al llit, llit al bosc
– Uide

Crumbled plan

(about to fall…)


Designi esmicolat
– Martus

Pistachio woman

His classmate would immediately remind him of this past Christmas pistachio nougat or a delicious white chocolate dessert served in the restaurant of the training centre, decorated with pomegranate, strawberry and, needless to say, pistachios. In addition, being an expert in terms of food, the classmate added the information that this fruit is considered one of the most antioxidant foods that exist, toping, precisesly, fruits as strawberries and pomegranates.
Juanjo González

Dona festuc
– Tessa

Telluric emergence

One of the most culturally resounding spectacles while strolling through the countryside is to stumble upon a vaulted drystone hut. It has been the meeting place of farmers, peasants, youngsters, mules and horses, dogs. The vaulted hut is a small handicraft that has been around for centuries. The most perfect footprint that man has left behind in these territories.

The door looks like a giant eye arising from the bowels of the earth. They are real pieces of art, shaped in as many ways as the talent of the stonemasons who immortalized them.
Lluís Foix

Emersió tel·lúrica
– Pagesos i picapedrers dels Comalats


Maybe the words will leave me
or maybe you’ll leave me
or the years just put me
at the mercy of a wave,
at the mercy of a wave.
While all this happens to me,
what by force must come over me,
maybe I still have time
to steal a bit from life
and so to fill my baggage.
While all this happens to me… vida, vida!

I still see sometimes
sometimes I still see,
with infant eyes I search,
beyond the frosted glass,
for a color in the tramontane.
I was told by sound voices
that it was useless to get tired;
but to me a dream never tires me,
and in spite of my beard hair
I am an infant in perception.
Sometimes I still see… vida, vida!

If I grow old in words,
if I grow old in words
please close the door
and flee from longing
for a voice that’s about to silence.
It’s me, it should not hurt me
It’s me, it will not hurt me
and I will pass from bough to bough
to hear them sing,
the new birds in my landscape.
It’s me, it won’t hurt me… it’s vida, vida!

If death comes to seek me,
if death comes to seek me
he’s allowed to enter my house,
but let him know by now
that I will never be able to love him.
And if I have to pass with him,
and if I have to pass with him,
all that’s left of me
be it worms or ashes
or a disposition for my voyage,
I want them all to sing this clamor… vida, vida!

Maybe the words will leave me
or maybe you’ll leave me
or the years just put me
at the mercy of a wave,
at the mercy of a wave.
While all this happens to me… vida, vida!
While all this happens to me… vida, vida!
– Lluís LLach

– Albert Cases, el Gato amb Toni Abellan

Trabucated ideas


Trébuchet is a French word that in Spanish would be translated by trabuquete, which in turn can refer to a medieval siege weapon or a small fishing net.
Clara Grima

Idees trabuquedes
– Tessa

The saw will be pink

The saw will be pink and the oak oposes…

La serra serà rosa
– Uide

This earthy man

There he sits, wood, the man,
heavy and thoughtful in front of his house
and his eyes roam over the discreet melancholy
of the landscape, he could be you.
Tired and sullen he watches the time go by
and crumbles goals and plans;
Circled by too many horizons,
an immeasurable emptiness arises in the insides.
Look at him well alone and it could be
that you discover your own pale picture
carved upon the cold gray of the afternoon.
– Miquel Marti i Pol

Aquest home de terra
– Tessa

Hello and goodbye

To heaven and back…

Hola i adéu
– Tessa

That no one thinks of the hopscotch…