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Cal Talaia is an old village house renovated with respect for the architecture and traditions of the area, located in Glorieta, a hamlet pertaining to the municipality of Passanant and Belltall, located in the heart of the Comalats. We offer a cozy space with kitchen, dining and living room on the ground floor which is complemented by three bedrooms on the first floor overlooking the forests and fields of the region.

In Glorieta you live with the tranquility provided by the intact rhythms of mid-mountain nature and the weak human pressure and presence. And when the marinada blows in the summer evenings and cools the atmosphere, the night and the starry sky offer joys unknown in the bright and sultry cities, from which we suggest you to escape for a while.

Welcome to the Comalats. Welcome to CAL TALAIA. Welcome to a world to discover.

CAL TALAIA House, hamlet and surroundings

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